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Power Query: Merge and Append

  Power Query: Merge and Append Discover the efficiencies and benefits of connecting and combining your data sources to drive your governance and performance measurement! Don`t be put off by the terminology, Power Query is simply sorting and organising data that you wish to import into your Excel spreadsheet and in doing so you can save a lot of time and reduce the scope for errors. ; The merge and append bit is talking about taking different data sources and adding them together to form a single source from which you can then do all sorts of interesting things! First of all we need to define what we mean by  merge  and  append . ; To  merge  a data set in this case means to add one data set to another by adding additional fields. For example: If we have a table of data that contains details of employee departments we might want to add it to another data table that contains details of their salaries. ; In effect we will create a single table with more data fields in the form of additio