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Conditional Formatting

  What is conditional formatting?    In literal terms it is getting the format of a cell to change depending upon the content of the cell linked to a rule of some sort. In layman’s terms or to the person on the street it is a helpful way to point out a specific thing in your table of information.    Examples might include entries on an arrivals board at an airport that are late in arriving, examination results of the class that are above and below average and the lists of competitors in triathlon by country or team. Wouldn’t it be really handy when scanning those departure boards at the airport if the flights to Newcastle had a black background and white lettering?    You would be able to pick out the flights pretty quickly if that was the case.    Usually red lettering, numbers or background are the only indications we are given about flight status. So why use conditional formatting? Well, speaking from my own experiences, I use conditional formatting as a method of highlighting error