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Data Import to Excel Workbooks

  Data Import to Excel Workbooks Data, millions of bits of data, in one huge amorphous mass or fragmented across multiple systems.  How to grab this and make sense of it? How many hours have been spent copying and pasting information from one spreadsheet to another?   How many times have data dumps been taken from systems in the form of CSV files, proving unmanageable and containing excessive amounts of irrelevant data, duplication or error?  There are many specialist applications out there that will take your data sources and swiftly churn out ever impressive trends, graphics and insights.  They are, however, expensive and not often  available to all employees.  A small business might not have the resources to commit to specialist packages. It's okay you can do so much in Excel with the right knowledge, training and awareness of capabilities. For example did you know? You can set up a connection between your database and an Excel workbook, no need for separate and obsolete data du